The Renegade Trailers Deluxe car transporter has all the features of the standard with the addition of slide out pods. These greatly increase the area of the front office and allow even more versatility from your car transporter. 

The office contains a large sofa, a TV, storage units at both ends and loose furniture. Additional office equipment can also be added such as desks, microwaves and fridges.

This type of trailer can be equipped with a number of extras including:
a generator, compressor, satelite and data cables

Prices From £145,000

Race transporters

The Renegade Trailers standard car transporter provides extra luxury and more diversity than the entry level trailer. 

With an office area in the front the trailer can be used for much more than just transporting cars.
The office is complete with a TV, a desk, chairs, power sockets, storage units and air conditioning.   

This type of trailer can be equipped with a number 
of extras including: a generator, compressor, satelite and data cables

Prices From £125,000

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If your team requires a more bespoke trailer design to suit their needs we can adapt the designs to suit. 
We are able to accommodate a range of requests from living accommodation to more specific vehicle 


The Renegade Trailers entry level car transporter is the ideal basic trailer allowing for the maximum loading area on a budget. 

The top quality finish throughout the whole of this car transporter provides you team with the professional look yet with the minimum cost.

The trailer features a full size tail lift decorative nose cone and side decals. The skirt line can be upgraded to include lockers or left decorative to keep the costs low. 

Prices From £95,000