Hand built to a very high quality and finish the unit is able to help promote even the most prestigious brands and products.

​The large 55m2 floor area can be fitted out to fulfil any purpose from bars to trade shows the flat floor and ample height allow for the perfect area to display or entertain.

The specially designed hydraulic roof and gallery allow you to double the floor area of the unit and by keeping the roof free of steps between the side flaps and the main body the space can be utilised fully. 

​All ancillary equipment can be either mounted within the end cones or remote mounted and ducted separating the noise and smell of generators or air conditioning units.

The set up service allows the unit to be set-up without the use of on-board hydraulics giving even more floor area.​

De-Mountable Hospitlality Units

The Renegade De-Mountable Unit is perfect for a wide variety of uses due to its versatile and modular design. This adaptability is part of its very design allowing it to meet the users’ demands and providing more polished set-up and operation with minimal staff or our specialist set-up and logistics service.

Renegade offer a logistics service, which removes the need for a set-up and transportation team and the licences needed to transport a trailer based unit. This service allows the customer to run the unit using existing staff rather than training or employing licensed drivers and owning an operating licence. 

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The area is lit entirely by LED lights removing the heat and power draw of traditional halogen lighting.  This makes the unit much more comfortable and easier to run, the low heat generation and the insulated panels and glazing reduce the demand on the air-conditioning. The glass can be tinted in a range of finishes depending on the climate.

The entire trailer can be customised to meet your brand look and feel from the flooring and walls to the lighting and furnishings the unit is a blank canvas to provide a backdrop for the users’ display or services while the quality and finish help uphold a level of prestige for more discerning brands.


As the unit is demountable from the transportation trailer the entrance does not require a set of  stairs. This makes access much easier and also allows for greater flexibility in what can be displayed within the unit. For example a car can easily be driven into the unit with the aid of simple ramps.