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Renegade UK are proud to present the refurbished HONDA F1 hospitality unit. 

Renegade UK were brought in to help repair and refurbish the unit working to the customer's expected F1 standard. 

The customer required a complete rebuild of the upper deck and a change to the overall look. 

The interior was redesigned to provide a high standard of work and a refined style in the overall decor.

The interior is finished in white and grey with impressive oak furnishings chosen by the customer. The overall look dramatically brightens the interior. The glazing was replaced to provide more privacy and also to reduce sun heat, the gazing is fitted with a switch-able privacy film that can be controlled to change from clear to frosted at the press of a switch. 

The entire unit was also repainted in a pearl finish white to match the customers colour requirements and give the unit a car paint finish. 

Due to the customer’s satisfaction with our previous work we were brought back in to do some additional work to the trailer.

We have added a new flooring to replace the original flooring to a more durable material and provide a high quality and luxurious finish.

The front and side steps were also replaced to improve the durability in all weathers and match the look throughout the dining area.

The upper office was also modified adding bucket seating to replace the original bench seating and a new bespoke carbon fibre table with wireless charging built in was also added. 

At Renegade UK we pride ourselves on our relationships with our customers and it is a real honour to have been selected as the manufacturer for the new Honda F1 Hospitality unit,

The hospitality unit is built on brand new bespoke built chassis to our requirements. This allowed us to add in support points and allow for the front access in the base without compromising the structure of the chassis.

The trailer is designed around 3 main areas, the main dining area on the upper level, the kitchen and the offices.

The dining area is a large open-plan room with seating for 24 and an additional sofa. There is a buffet bar with high quality Corian worktops to give a hardwearing and quality finish to the bar, there are induction hotplates and an ice-bath sunk into the worktop. Glass front fridges and a freezer are combined into the bar base for easy access and provide a nice feature to the buffet. At the rear there is a professional coffee machine and boiling water tap for dispensing hot drinks. To provide entertainment in the dining area there is a large 110” display wall showing the races and displaying the data feeds. This large screen is accompanied by a top range Bose sound system.

The lower area has 2 separate offices, the main office is split into 2 rooms a working office with seating for 2 and a small private lounge for meetings in comfort, this room has TVs showing the racing and also data feeds.The second office is a smaller private one for the running of the hospitality with seating for 2. This room also has TVs to show data feeds.

The kitchen is split across both trailers providing separate areas for prep, cooking and washing up. The kitchen is professionally fitted out with gas appliances and a bespoke built extraction to ensure safe and reliable running and optimal extraction.

There is a custom built freezer and fridge engine unit to allow the unit to transport and serve food fresh from frozen without interruption.

The entire unit is air-conditioned with inbuilt ducted units in the offices and an externally ducted unit feeding the main dining area, this provides optimum cooling without overpowering the room by having the air fall gently from the ceilings.

Through-out the build the trailer has been designed not to compromise on quality and give the F1 level of build expected by the customer. We have worked closely with them to ensure they get exactly what they want and built to match the proposal and agreed design brief.


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Renegade UK are proud to show off our latest trailer. 

This bespoke layout sleeps 6 people in the double slide out main room, with an adjustable deck in the rear to take 4 cars and a 3 tonne tail lift. 

The front expanding office has an automatic folding hydraulic floor and individual sleeping bunks with power, lighting and ventilation in each. 

Each bunk has it's own window and storage cupboard. 

The front has a small kitchenette with running hot and cold water and also a drinks fridge, 

There is also a TV and additional storage on the front wall. 

The trailer is equipped with additional side lighting for the awing. 

The trailer is fully LED lit inside and all road lights are LED to match. 

the race deck is LED lit and fitted with Unwin load securing tracking and finished on the floor in a hard-wearing rubber. 

Built on a brand new chassis to EU regulations and finished in metallic silver. 


HONda f1 new build